Holiday home Dorothea

Altenfeld | Thuringia

Located in the certified spa town of Altenfeld in the Thungarian forest, this holiday home with 2 bedrooms accommodates a family of 4 comfortably. There is a central heating facility to keep you warm and relaxed. Immerse and unwind in the peaceful...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 490 p/w

Holiday home Piesau

Piesau | Thuringia

This is a cosy holiday home in the village of Piesau, along the famous Rennsteig walking route that cuts through the largest uninterrupted forest area of central Germany. This beautiful house is situated on a large terrain at the edge of the village ...

  • Max 3 persons
from € 653 p/w

Holiday home Waldblick

Heubach | Thuringia

This is a boutique apartment in the village of Hofstetten in a side valley of Kinzig and a short distance from Haslach (3 km) in Baden-Württemberg, South of Germany. The apartment has a balcony.The surrounding areas offer loads of hiking paths throug...

  • Max 3 persons
from € 330 p/w

Holiday home Weidamündung

Wünschendorf | Thuringia

This 1-bedroom apartment is very tastefully furnished and is located in Wünschendorf in Thuringia. Ideal for a couple or 2 bachelor or spinster friends, there is a private garden with terrace a river at your disposal for watching the day go by and re...

  • Max 2 persons
from € 439 p/w

Holiday home Edith

Mosbach | Thuringia

Why stay here This peaceful holiday home is in Wutha-Farnroda in Thuringia, between the Hörsel Mountains and the Rennsteig. It is ideal for both families and groups. You can enjoy a sizzling platter of barbecue on the private terrace with a nice g...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 391 p/w

Holiday home Waldblick

Heubach | Thuringia

This 1 bedroom apartment in Heubach, Germany is located in the southern Thuringian forest and suitable for small families and groups, can accommodate 3 persons. The house is equipped with a barbecue and a balcony where you can enjoy the view of fores...

  • Max 3 persons
from € 333 p/w

Holiday home Am Heidelberg

Langewiesen | Thuringia

Set in Oehrenstock, a city in the valley of the Thuringian Forest, the 1-bedroom holiday home is located. Perfect for 2, the home suits couples or newlyweds. You may linger on the private terrace and in the private garden with have the wonderful pano...

  • Max 2 persons
from € 490 p/w

Holiday home Inselsberg

Kurort Brotterode | Thuringia

Lovers of an adrenaline rush will totally ‘dig’ this 2-bedroom holiday home in Kurort Brotterode for a small family or a group of 4. The large living/dining area offers a stunning panoramic view of the ""Großer Inselberg"" town and mountain and offer...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 569 p/w

Holiday home Kleiner Inselsberg

Bad Tabarz | Thuringia

This beautiful 1 bedroom apartment is located in a quiet and sunny place of Tabarz Germany ,near the Thuringian Forest and suitable for a couple and a group of friends can accommodate 3 persons. The holiday home has a terrace in the large green garde...

  • Max 2 persons
from € 380 p/w

Holiday home Bärbel

Deesbach | Thuringia

This 3-bedroom apartment is in the idyllic village of Deesbach, amid the Thiruingian Forest. With a private terrace and garden immersed in charm, the apartment is perfect for small families or groups. Your apartment is close to Rennsteig, the high...

  • Max 3 persons
from € 419 p/w

Holiday home Fachwerkhaus Thüringen

Bad Tabarz | Thuringia

This is a comfortable 3-bedroom holiday home in the center of the spa town of Tabarz. You can enjoy a pleasant sitting corner in the sun or shadow in the garden. With ample space, the holiday home is perfect for families and friends. Bad Tabarz is...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 595 p/w

Holiday home Georgenthal II

Georgenthal | Thuringia

This countryside apartment is located in Georgenthal very close to the forest(25m) and it has 2 bedrooms for accommodating 4 guests comfortably. Ideal for a family vacation, the home has a sauna for complete rejuvenation after a tedious day of the ex...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 637 p/w

Holiday home Steinbach-Hallenberg

Steinbach-Hallenberg | Thuringia

This holiday home is in Kurort Steinbach-Hallenberg, Germany. There is one bedroom for 4 guests on the first floor. This home is ideal for family holidays. From the balcony, you have a beautiful view of the countryside. This location is very well ...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 585 p/w

Holiday home Ferienhaus im Thüringer Wald

Friedrichroda ot Finsterbergen | Thuringia

Resting in Finsterbergen, in the heart of the Thuringian Forest, this is a 1-bedroom holiday home. Both the terrace and garden are great for hosting barbecue evenings. Up to 3 guests, a couple with a toddler or friends can stay here. Finsterbergen...

  • Max 3 persons
from € 338 p/w

Holiday home Floh-Seligenthal

Floh-Seligenthal | Thuringia

Located near the Thuringian Forest, this captivating holiday home with 2 bedrooms is ideal for a family of 4.This home features a spacious balcony from where you can cherish the stunning views of the Haderholzstein, Tennelberg and Maßkopf mountains. ...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 477 p/w

Holiday home Am See

Schleusingen-Heckengereuth | Thuringia

This beautiful apartment is situated in Schleusingen Thuringia, Germany. There is one bedroom that can comfortably accommodate 4 guests. Ideal for a family holiday, you can spend your day by the lakeside which is very near to the house. Also, from th...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 298 p/w

Holiday home Koegel

Schönbrunn | Thuringia

Situated on a sunny spot, this is a 2-bedroom holiday home in Schönbrunn (Schleusegrund). The private terrace is the perfect spot to enjoy grilling in the evenings until the wee hours. It is perfect for a small family or 4 persons. Schönbrunn (Sch...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 361 p/w

Holiday home Ferienwohnung Ilona

Neustadt am Rennsteig | Thuringia

The beautiful forest nearby and peaceful ambience makes this 2-bedroom apartment in Neustadt am Rennsteig great for a holiday. It is perfect for a group or family of 4 to spend a vacation. It offers a pond in teh shared garden to sit by relaxing. ...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 344 p/w

Holiday home Georgenthal I

Georgenthal | Thuringia

This exclusive apartment is located in Georgenthal very close to the forest (25m) has 2 bedrooms which can house 4 people comfortably. The house has a sauna for relaxation of guests after an eventful day. This alluring house is ideal for a group or a...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 669 p/w

Holiday home Käthi

Stützerbach | Thuringia

This apartment is situated in Stützerbach and has 1 bedroom which can host up to 2 guests at a time. There is a heating facility which provides a tepid temperature for your comfort and forest nearby. This apartment is ideal for a familyYou can go hik...

  • Max 2 persons
from € 426 p/w