Holiday home De Eekhorst

Balkbrug | Overijssel

This luxurious farmhouse is located in Balkbrug. Ideal for a group or a large family, it has 4 bedrooms and can accommodate 12 guests. This fully equipped farmhouse has an infrared sauna and jacuzzi to make you feel relaxed. A forest lies 100 m fr...

  • Max 12 persons
from € 1238 p/w

Holiday home Buitenplaats Berg en Bos 43

Lemele | Overijssel

These 10-person houses on Buitenplaats Berg en Bos are very suitable for groups in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from many different accommodations, which all have the same basis, but are all slightly different in terms of location and decorat...

  • Max 10 persons
from € 557 p/w

Holiday home Design lodge Twente

Haaksbergen | Overijssel

Located in Haaksbergen, this simplistic holiday home is perfect for a weekend getaway. It can accommodate up to 4 guests and 2 bedrooms. This holiday home has a furnished garden for you to get refreshed after a long day. Forest lies 100 m away fro...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 346 p/w

Holiday home Landrijk de Reesprong 1

Buurse | Overijssel

If you like the idea of back to basics, but also like a comfortable place to stay, Landrijk de Reesprong has two accommodations that you'll love. Both types offers great views across the surrounding fields. The use of natural materials throughout add...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 453 p/w

Holiday home Resort Reestervallei 10

Ijhorst | Overijssel

There are two types of group accommodation at Resort Reestervallei. For example there's the modern villa Pavillion Lumiere (NL-79550-38). Because of its many windows, the living room is very light (just like the name says). Both inside and outside ...

  • Max 21 persons
from € 840 p/w

Holiday home Buitenplaats Gerner 5

Dalfsen | Overijssel

The various types of detached accommodations are spread over the park. They are all comfortably furnished and have combi-microwaves, DVD players, dishwashers, internet connection and box spring bets (except for the bedsteads). You have the choice of ...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 276 p/w

Holiday home Waterpark Belterwiede 4

Wanneperveen | Overijssel

The various types of detached thatched villas on Waterpark Belterwiede are all on the water. You can moor your boat near the villa. You have the choice of four different variants: a 4-pers. type (NL-7946-06), a 6-pers. type with bedroom and bathroom ...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 339 p/w

Holiday home Vakantiepark Hessenheem 4

Markelo | Overijssel

This beautiful holiday park offers a variety of luxurious accommodations. The Bos Lodges are in a wonderfully quiet location at the edge of the forest and are available in 4-per. (NL-12626), 5-pers. (NL-12624) and 6-pers. (NL-12625) variants. They ar...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 401 p/w

Holiday home Resort Reestervallei 1

Ijhorst | Overijssel

There are two types of group accommodation at Resort Reestervallei. For example there's the modern villa Pavillion Lumiere (NL-79550-38). Because of its many windows, the living room is very light (just like the name says). Both inside and outside ...

  • Max 10 persons
from € 456 p/w

Holiday home Genieten in Salland

Heino | Overijssel

Feel completely free in this holiday home with 3 bedrooms, a private relaxing sauna, and a private terrace. The home is found in Heino and is perfect for families and groups of 6. Heino is known for trades and handicrafts from the past, markets, and ...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 570 p/w

Holiday home Oarich Trechte

Reutum-Weerselo | Overijssel

This stylish holiday home with 3 bedrooms in Reutum is near the forest, and it is furnished with a jacuzzi and a private garden to relax. This accommodation welcomes 6 guests, and it is ideal for families and a small group on vacation. The country...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 396 p/w

Holiday home T Boschhuys

Holten | Overijssel

This is a luxurious villa on a private road in Rijssen-Holten has 3 bedrooms for up to 6 persons. The villa features a secluded terrace with an outdoor fireplace to enjoy the spacious forest garden almost all year round and an infrared sauna. A famil...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 613 p/w

Holiday home Villapark De Weerribben 2

Paasloo | Overijssel

The detached thatched villas on villa park De Weerribben are very comfortably furnished and equipped with all contemporary comforts. You have a dishwasher, a washing machine and WiFi. The garden doors in the spacious living room lend a spacious light...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 283 p/w

Holiday home Gastenverblijf Prinsensteeg

Nieuwleusen | Overijssel

This elegantly designed farmhouse, with 3 bedrooms for 6 people, is in the Nieuwleusen countryside in the Netherlands. Perfect for those who love nature and adventure, this holiday home comes with a sauna. The home is close to the Vecht River, and...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 557 p/w

Holiday home Boerderij Oud Avereest

Balkbrug | Overijssel

This spacious 8-bedroom farmhouse in Balkbrug features sauna (paid), where you can unwind and a private indoor swimming pool, where you can take a few dips and refresh yourself. A group or family consisting of 16 people can stay here and enjoy the va...

  • Max 16 persons
from € 5430 p/w

Holiday home Buitenplaats Holten 5

Rijssen | Overijssel

The chalets at Buitenplaats Holten, a small-scale holiday park, are of high quality and in a lovely setting. All the different types are located on or very close to the pond. You have the choice of various types. The Korhoen type is available in a 4-...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 369 p/w

Holiday home De Molendijk

Dalfsen | Overijssel

This 7-bedroom modern holiday home is located in Dalfsen in close proximity to all the facilities. 12 people can stay here and have an enjoyable holiday. There are a terrace and a garden to enjoy a relaxing vacation. The forest nearby is perfect f...

  • Max 12 persons
from € 870 p/w

Holiday home Huisje 84

Stegeren | Overijssel

This beautiful chalet in Stegeren is surrounded by nature and has 2 bedrooms for 6 people. Ideal for a group of friends and family travelling together, there is a sauna for complete relaxation after a tedious day of excursions. North Overijssel is ...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 461 p/w

Holiday home Vakantiepark Giethoorn 5

Giethoorn | Overijssel

The 12-person group accommodation at Vakantiepark Giethoorn is not your average holiday home. The Kraaiennest (crow's-nest), as this type is known, is constructed on poles, so can only be reached by a stairway. The advantage is that you have lots of ...

  • Max 12 persons
from € 934 p/w

Holiday home Chaletpark Kuiperberg 6

Ootmarsum | Overijssel

The accommodations on Chalet Park Kuiperberg are well maintained and located on spacious plots. You have the choice of two different 2 person types. The Libelle (NL-4116) has a charming terrace. Type Clausheide (NL-4117) has plenty of living space. M...

  • Max 2 persons
from € 278 p/w