Holiday home Raissac - RAISSAC-D'AUDE

Villedaigne | Languedoc-Roussillon

This holiday home is located in Villedaigne in the south of France. There are 3 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 6 people, ideal for a family vacation. The house has a large garden with a private swimming pool. You can choose cultural excursions...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 816 p/w

Holiday home La Maison des Cigales

Ouveillan | Languedoc-Roussillon

A relaxing home in Ouveillan, this home can accommodate 10 people in 5 bedrooms. With a swimming pool here, you can take frequent dips and cool off here. Ideal for a family, kids are also welcome here. Ouveillan, a great place to stay at. Adjacent t...

  • Max 10 persons
from € 1019 p/w

Holiday home Gîte de luxe dans les vignes 3

Villesèque-des-Corbières | Languedoc-Roussillon

This apartment in Villesèque-des-Corbières is a perfect vacation home for a small family of 4. The 2 bedroom apartment has a swimming pool which is shared by other guests as well for taking a refreshing dip. You can also spend time relaxing in the we...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 846 p/w

Holiday home Le Bon

Saint Couat d'Aude | Languedoc-Roussillon

Welcome to the magical destination of Saint-Couat-d'Aude. Enjoy a stay in this serene villa amidst vineyards. It offers 2 bedrooms, a private swimming pool, and private furnished terrace for a family of 4 to enjoy. Spend a lazy day on river Aude c...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 535 p/w

Holiday home Les Tamaris & Les Portes du Soleil 2

Portiragnes-Plage | Languedoc-Roussillon

The Les Tamaris Holiday Park has holiday homes for six people (FR-5735). The holiday homes for seven people (FR-5745) may be at the Les Tamaris Holiday Park or at the Les Portes du Soleil Holiday Park. Extra comfort is possible by choosing the holida...

  • Max 7 persons
from € 589 p/w

Holiday home Villa Marlise

Félines Minervois | Languedoc-Roussillon

Having a private fenced swimming pool and a garden, this is a 3-bedroom villa in Félines-Minervois that can sleep up to 6 guests. It is an excellent stay for a family with children, a group of friends or couples holidaying together. The area is gr...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 554 p/w

Holiday home Gilde d'Oc

Soleil d'Oc (Pouzols Minervois) | Languedoc-Roussillon

Enjoying the beautiful view over the vineyards, this is a 5-bedroom villa in Pouzols-Minervois. It has a private swimming pool surrounded by sun loungers to soak up in the sun before taking a refreshing dip. The villa suits a large family or a group ...

  • Max 10 persons
from € 672 p/w

Holiday home Sourire du Soleil

Montouliers | Languedoc-Roussillon

Away from the madding crowd, this villa with 3 bedrooms is located in Montouliers and can accommodate 6 people with a child comfortably. Enjoy the scenic views of this beautiful place by relaxing in the private swimming pool with your pals. Relish ...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 454 p/w

Holiday home Villa Lézignan

Lézignan-Corbières | Languedoc-Roussillon

This exquisite villa is in Lézignan-Corbières is ideal for a family. It can accommodate 3 guests and has 1 bedroom. This property has a private swimming pool with sun loungers for you to unwind after a long day. Try out some new recipes at the nea...

  • Max 3 persons
from € 587 p/w

Holiday home Terra Gaïa 2

SETE | Languedoc-Roussillon

Résidence Terra Gaïa is a new and modern building with up to four floors. It houses a few tens of well-furnished apartments and studio's. All the homes feature a fully-equipped kitchenette and a terrace or balcony with seating. You can choose from t...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 384 p/w

Holiday home Mas de Torreilles 3

Torreilles Plage | Languedoc-Roussillon

The holiday homes are very comfortable and well-furnished. The park has two types of holiday homes. These are Mas Blau for five people, FR-44660-05 and Mas Bourdigou for seven people, FR-44660-06. The interiors are well-maintained. The holiday homes ...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 380 p/w

Holiday home Villa Lézard Bleu

Félines-Minervois | Languedoc-Roussillon

This 4-bedroom villa for 8 people in Camplong is perfect for families with children. It comes with a relaxing jacuzzi and swimming pool for a refreshing swim. Here you can explore the beautiful Aude valley, vineyards of the Minervois, Corbières a...

  • Max 8 persons
from € 463 p/w

Holiday home Villa Le Palatin

Caunes-Minervois | Languedoc-Roussillon

This cosy 3-bedroom villa is in the picturesque village of Caunes-Minervois. It is ideal for families and can accommodate 6 guests. A private swimming pool and an infrared sauna are present in the villa for an ultimate relaxed holiday. Caunes-Mine...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 795 p/w

Holiday home Narbonne

Narbonne | Languedoc-Roussillon

The fabulous 2-bedroom holiday home in Narbonne and suitable for families and groups of friends. As for the cultural discoveries, this is a place where history has left many traces. The house comes with a private terrace for your leisurely nights and...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 1107 p/w

Holiday home Chênes Verts 7

Argelliers | Languedoc-Roussillon

-Luxury villa in Argelliers, France nestled in the hills of the South of France. It comes with 3 well-decorated rooms and a stunning private pool which makes it an ideal home for a family of up to 6 people. Set in a dreamy location between the ...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 778 p/w

Holiday home Villa Saze

Saze | Languedoc-Roussillon

A haven of peace in the countryside near the city center of Avignon via the N100 (Avignon-Nîmes), this home with 4 bedrooms is a U-shaped building facing south with a terrace and a real solarium where you can enjoy diving into the swimming pool. The...

  • Max 8 persons
from € 1571 p/w

Holiday home

Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie | Languedoc-Roussillon

This lovely 3-bedroom villa in Languedoc-Roussillon is your perfect pick, if all you want is peace and quiet for your vacation. Apart from a private swimming pool, where you can enjoy a few laps, there is a roofed terrace, where you can relax with a ...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 1266 p/w

Holiday home Villa Meli Melo

Bize-Minervois | Languedoc-Roussillon

A luxurious home right out of the ‘Good Housekeeping’ magazine, where a family or a group of 8 can reside to feel the celebrity vibes! A beautiful home with 3 en suites with gorgeous interiors, a private sauna for 4 to keep the stress at bay, a priva...

  • Max 8 persons
from € 629 p/w

Holiday home Maison de vacances - FOURNES

Fournes | Languedoc-Roussillon

This villa in Fournès comes with 4 bedrooms and can host 9 guests. Ideal for many families travelling together, the property features a private swimming pool, so that you can holiday in style. You can enjoy a slice of pizza or buy any essentials, ...

  • Max 9 persons
from € 1988 p/w

Holiday home Le Henson

Rieussec | Languedoc-Roussillon

If you are looking for a modern and well-equipped holiday home blessed with scenic beauty, your search ends here. This home with 2 bedrooms can host 5 guests, ideally a small family with children or a group and has a sprawling swimming pool alongside...

  • Max 5 persons
from € 364 p/w