Holiday home Nicolo

Ricadi | Calabria/Basilicata

This enticing villa in Ricadi has 4 bedrooms and can accommodate 7 guests and is located on the charming Tyrrhenian Sea coast. It is ideal for a group or families to enjoy the sea with a shared swimming pool, private terrace, and barbecue. It is ...

  • Max 7 persons
from € 1220 p/w

Holiday home Stella Marina

Capo Rizzuto | Calabria/Basilicata

This cosy apartment is located in Capo Rizzuto in Italy. There are 2 bedrooms which can accommodate 4 people at a time. This apartment is ideally preferred for a family holiday. From the terrace, you can witness the breathtaking view of the sea. ...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 382 p/w

Holiday home

San Mango D'aquino | Calabria/Basilicata

Far away from the city madding crowd, this expansive villa in San Mango D'aquino comes with 5 bedrooms that can host up to 10 guests. Ideal for a large family or group vacation, there is a private swimming pool and a stunning garden for relaxing and ...

  • Max 10 persons
from € 1663 p/w

Holiday home Olivia

Ricadi | Calabria/Basilicata

Located in Ricadi, this cosy holiday home features 2 bedrooms for 6 people. Suitable for a group of friends, guests can lounge in the private garden and access free WiFi at this property near the sea. If you wish to enjoy a day under the sun enjoy...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 863 p/w

Holiday home Flor

Parghelia | Calabria/Basilicata

In the Parghelia region of Calabria in Italy, this countryside mansion has can accommodate 4 guests. It is near the sea and is perfect for a family with children looking to holiday in this part of Italy. Near the Coast of the Gods, this is located...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 472 p/w

Holiday home Attico Nemo

Isola di Capo Rizzuto | Calabria/Basilicata

This cosy apartment is located in Capo Rizzuto in Italy. There are 2 bedrooms, which can accommodate 3 people. It is suitable for a holiday venue for couples. The cottage provides a balcony which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding. Just...

  • Max 3 persons
from € 358 p/w

Holiday home Nicolina

Ricadi | Calabria/Basilicata

Stay in this gorgeous villa in the countryside of Ricadi in the town of Calabria. Ideal for families or a group of 6, this villa is surrounded by greenery and a colourful garden with a barbecue and seating. The property lies just 2 minutes from th...

  • Max 6 persons
from € 852 p/w

Holiday home Coccinella Apartment

Torre Melissa | Calabria/Basilicata

Located in the coastal town of Torre Melissa, this apartment has 2 bedrooms for 5 people. Perfect vacation stays for a group of friends or family travelling together, there is a private terrace for enjoying the beautiful views of the mountains. You...

  • Max 5 persons
from € 718 p/w

Holiday home Casa Emerald

Marina di Mandatoriccio | Calabria/Basilicata

Apartment inside the elegant Emerald tourist village in Marina di Mandatoriccio, equipped with all comforts with a swimming pool shared with other guests. There are 2 bedrooms for 5 people. This place is ideal for a small family on a vacation. Reli...

  • Max 3 persons
from € 330 p/w

Holiday home Casa Carmela

Matera | Calabria/Basilicata

This centrally located holiday home in Matera has 2 bedrooms and takes 5 guests. It is ideal for a family with children to spend the vacation. It has heating and air conditioning for comfort. In ten minutes walk youcan reach the historic center. T...

  • Max 5 persons
from € 660 p/w

Holiday home Case Vacanza Villa Garden Mono

Gasponi di Drapia | Calabria/Basilicata

Nestled in the country side of Gasponi in Calabria is this modern apartment ideal for couples and solo travellers. The property lies in a lively location with a large number of restaurants and supermarkets located within 10 minutes’ walk from here. T...

  • Max 2 persons
from € 366 p/w

Holiday home Villetta Arocha

Cropani CZ | Calabria/Basilicata

This holiday home in Cropani Marina has 1 bedroom that can house 4 people. The house has a large swimming pool and is ideal for a couple or a family with kids.The holiday home is located in the forest and is just 3 km away from the sea. You can find...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 516 p/w

Holiday home Casa Giacinto

Maida | Calabria/Basilicata

Situate din the countryside of Madia in the town of Calabria is this scenic one-bedroom holiday home for 4. The apartment is ideal for small families and group of 4 looking for something serene in the heart of nature. A wide range of facilities are t...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 895 p/w

Holiday home Ponente

Cirò Marina | Calabria/Basilicata

Relax in the seafront apartment in Cirò Marina equipped with all comforts. From the balcony of the apartment, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea views. It is a perfect place to spend a family holiday. The house can accommodate 4- guests in ...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 542 p/w

Holiday home La Casa sulla Valle

Castelluccio Superiore | Calabria/Basilicata

This holiday home in Castelluccio Superiore is immersed in the Pollino National Park with a wonderful view of the Mercure valley. It has 2 bedrooms for 6 guests. Ideal for friends and families travelling together, the home features a balcony or terra...

  • Max 2 persons
from € 878 p/w

Holiday home Villa Rubino pt

Capo Rizzuto | Calabria/Basilicata

This cosy apartment is located in Capo Rizzuto in the Calabria region. There is 1 bedroom which can accommodate 4 people at a time. It is perfect for a family vacation. From your private terrace, you have beautiful views over the Italian countryside....

  • Max 4 persons
from € 382 p/w

Holiday home Casa Rosanna

Ruoti | Calabria/Basilicata

A recently renovated holiday home in Ruoti that will give you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful holiday both in winter and in summer. Village Dairy offers fresh milk and freshly made mozzarella with local and fresh milk at 10 am, 200...

  • Max 5 persons
from € 499 p/w

Holiday home Casa Vacanza Passatutti

Roseto Capo Spulico (CS) | Calabria/Basilicata

This beautiful holiday home is located in Roseto Capo Spulico. Ideal for 4 people to stay in its 2 bedrooms comfortably. A family planning a vacation can stay here. The house includes a large patio covered by a wooden pergola, suitable for outdoor di...

  • Max 4 persons
from € 379 p/w

Holiday home Limoni

Ricadi | Calabria/Basilicata

This 2-bedroom mansion in Capo Vaticano offers sea views and can accommodate 5 people. Ideal for a small family, it features a shared swimming pool, so that you can refresh and a garden, so that you can enjoy the lush green surroundings in peace. Th...

  • Max 5 persons
from € 739 p/w

Holiday home Tuono

Cetraro | Calabria/Basilicata

This splendid farmhouse is located in Cetraro and can accommodate 7 people. With 2 bedrooms, the farmhouse is ideal for a family. It has a private terrace and barbecue for you to unwind and relax. The local grocers are 5 km away whereas the resta...

  • Max 7 persons
from € 510 p/w